Pure Souls Portrait | Joseph Pallant

Pure Souls portrait

Pure Souls Portrait | There are many things we love about Joseph, like his enthusiasm for helping humanity address climate change, his passion for building a vibrant, effective and scalable carbon market, his love of people and adventures, his big hugs and big smiles. A little fun fact about Joseph when he is not saving the world: he has a studio in Chinatown where he makes badass leather goods.

Put Your Best Side Forward | Pure Souls Headshot Day November 8

Need an updated headshot? Join us on November 8, Pure Souls Headshot Day and get a group rate on your next professional portrait. We guarantee that you will love your portrait.

Put your best side forward on November 8.

Pure Souls Headshot Day November 14

Put Your Best Side Forward | Pure Souls Portraits | Vancouver headshots

Let us introduce you to the artists of 45W. It’s an honor to share the floor with these talented and dedicated artists this past year. From flamenco to fencing, photography to acting to yoga, our building is full of creative energy every day.

Pure Souls Portraiture | John Mickelson

Pure Souls Portraiture | John Mickelson: We had the pleasure of going to John Mickelson Law Corporation in Yaletown and took portraits of the whole team for their new website designed by Drive Digital. This is John Mickelson and he specializes in personal injury law in BC. When he is not in his office, I can guarantee you that you can find him on a surfboard!

John Mickelson

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