Vancouver Headshots | Pure Souls Portrait Series: Emerson Lim

Emerson Lim

Pure Souls | Portrait Series: Meet Emerson, founder of Karma Teachers, the creator of Ecstatic Yoga, and a community leader. This gentle soul is known to many for his selfless actions. Emerson’s mission is to be of service to all those who want to serve others selflessly. Thank you for shining your light, Emerson.

Vancouver Headshot | Julia

Julia at Loco
Pure Souls | Portraiture: Meet Julia. This lovely lady is the Director of Community Engagement at LOCO. Every time we see Julia, she has this beautiful smile on her face. Julia has a strong passion for life and brings that passion to all aspects of her work. She is also a musician and has a very beautiful voice.

Vancouver Headshot | Andrew

Andrew Larigakis
Pure Souls | PORTRAITURE: Meet Andrew Larigakis, Studio Principal at Larigakis Architecture. Andrew has worked for twenty-five years in architecture locally, nationally and internationally on projects of diverse type and size and has been involved in many award-winning and widely published projects. We met Andrew almost 6 years ago at Toastmasters and we just love his gentle energy since the first day we met him.

Pure Souls Portraiture | Amy

Amy Robinson, LOCO founder
Pure Souls Media | Portraiture | Meet LOCO founder, Amy Robinson. LOCO is an alliance of local business that help make our communities a better place to live. Check them out for more reasons to feel sexy about your spending

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