Pure Souls Video editing | Canadian Canoe/Kayak Team – No Train No Gain | CBC Sports

We’re super proud professionally as well as personally to be part of this project with CBC Sports. In the next couple of months leading up to Rio 2016, we will be sharing some of the videos we edited that highlight some of our best Canadian olympic athletes. Here is one on Canada’s canoe and kayak teams hard at work. It’s INTENSE!

Save our Southern Resident Killer Whales

Name one person whose jaw doesn’t drop when they see our Southern Resident killer whales. With only 83 resident killer whales left, these beautiful orcas are more at risk than ever.

Another project we are really proud of this year is working with Raincoast Conservation Foundation and interviewed Scott Wallace from David Suzuki Foundation, Christianne Wilhelmson from Georgia Strait Alliance and Misty MacDuffee from Raincoast and Gabriel George from Tsleil-Waututh Nation to give you the the how and why we need to protect these orcas in the Salish Sea.

Video editing | Canadian sprinter, Andre De Grasse

Putting the final touches on a segment on Canadian sprinter Andre De Grasse for CBC Sports. This athlete is the reigning NCAA men’s champion in the 100 m and 200 m and current Canadian record holder in the 200 m. De Grasse also won the bronze in the 100 m and the 4×100 m relay at the 2015 world track and field championships in Beijing. Video shot by Dale and Ross.

Andre De Grasse

Our recent South Pacific trip is featured in Swimco Insider (Part 1)



by SwimcoInsider on February 16, 2016
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Our amazing photography team Josie and Ian from Pure Souls Media (based in Vancouver) came home reenergized from their recent trip to the Indian and South Pacific Oceans. This was part one of their adventure, in Bali!


Where did you travel to?
We visited Bali, Indonesia, for most of our trip, and then we spent two weeks on a tiny 5 km by 8 km island called Norfolk Island two hours flight east of Sydney, Australia. It’s a paradise but that’s for another blog.


Can’t wait to hear about it! So have you been to Bali before?
This is our second time back, the last time was 2010 and it was amazing. It’s rare we revisit a place, but Bali was calling us. We were leaving over Christmas holidays and wanted a place to clear our heads and step back from our day to day life in Vancouver.

So aside from rejuvenation, what keeps drawing you back to Bali?
The Balianese practice a unique version of Hindiusm even though the rest of Indonesia is predominately Muslim. The island is covered in Hindu temples, and offerings are put out multiple times a day with ceremonies for different gods and spirits occurring everywhere. We believe this contributes to the unique energy on the island and the warmth of the people’s smiles.


That sounds beautiful, and very peaceful.
Yes, a relaxing getaway was just what we wanted. On our last trip to Bali we saw the sights and adventured everyday on our scooter, so this time we felt comfortable moving at a slower pace. Our visit here was basically a big new year’s reflection on what we’ve accomplished in 2015, and where we want to go this upcoming year. The sun, beach and tasty food were nice bonuses.


So you did get to a beach?
After spending a few weeks in the historic and cultural capital of Ubud, which is in the jungle closer to the center of the island, we spent our last week in Canggu which we heard wasn’t busy and had good surfing. The vibe in Canggu was a relaxed surfer getaway with expats living in the area as well. It doesn’t have the hustle and bustle of the bigger tourist spots such as Kuta, which was perfect for us!


Some tranquil beach time mixed with surfing would be great!
It was, and it was nice to bring multi-purpose clothing for all of our activities. Ian had three shorts with him (two Billabong and one Hurley pair) and they worked for morning yoga, exploring cafes, and of course, surfing.


Any other packing essentials?
A travel converter. We had laptops and camera gear with us so being charged up was super important.


Any surprises on the trip?
Actually, we ran into three friends from Vancouver in Bali! So we got to ring in the New Year with old friends! Plus, there was a Michael Franti concert on New Year’s Day at the Yoga Barn. That definitely beats a polar bear swim back home.


Any advice for those of us who want to visit?
As with a lot of Asian countries, get your bargaining hat on. Coming from Canada, it’s something that we don’t get a lot of practice in. Another tip: don’t learn to ride a scooter here. It’s popular for tourists to rent scooters, but it’s a little chaotic. I recommend practicing at home first! Lastly, settle into a slower pace to really absorb the flavor of the local culture.


What would you put on your list for the next visit?
We’d like to travel further up the cost to check out the tiny villages in big fields of rice paddies. Anytime we can spend time with the locals is always well worth it, especially if you can stay in their home and share meals together.


Ecstatic Yoga Rave

RECLAIM THE DANCE FOOR with Ecstatic Yoga Rave weekly at The Odyssey Bar and Night Club! It will be the best sober dance party of your life.

Dance like you have never danced before. Sing out all of your heart’s desire. Scream out loud, like it’s the best day of your life. Liberate yourself through exhilarating yoga movements, rediscover the power of OM and breath, heal through elements of dance therapy, and come into stillness to experience the rising joy within you. Unite with your Higher self and others through heart opening practices. Celebrate, jump, shake, and strike a pose to the greatest and latest music of our time, remixed, reworked and reconstructed to elevate your experience.

Filmed by Sami Sepher and edited by Pure Souls Media, we tell you a glimpse of what it’s about but you will have to physically experience it in order to understand how fun, beautiful and healing this truly is.

Sign up here.

Coffee Without Caffeine



We love coffee. And what we love even more is coffee without caffeine. That’s why we were so excited when we got to work with Swiss Water earlier this year to create some new video and photo content for their new website. Designed by the hip and talented Drive Digital, Swiss Water’s new website reflects their unique position in the marketplace using using pure water to gently remove caffeine. Their 100% chemical free process decaffeinates coffee in small batches. Now grab a coffee, click on this link and check out their new beautiful website.


Maple Leaf Self Storage site is now live!

So happy to announce that the Maple Leaf Self Storage’s new redesigned website is now LIVE! Love love love this shoot because we got to work with so many of our friends including Tania and the girls, Dr. G and the girls, Ian D., Aili, Jack, Wendy, Nicole, Diana and Eric. This site puts a big smile on our face. Drive Digital, you did it again! Clean, easy to navigate but all the necessary information is right at the fingertip. This truly shows the power and magic of custom imagery (rather than stock photos).
Check it out here.







Envision Festival 2015 Official Video

We are so proud to release this video. It’s probably our best work in 2015. Still can’t believe that the entire film was done by just the 2 of us, in above 30 degrees celsius and 90% humidity.

As a celebration dedicated to awakening our human potential, Envision provides a platform for different cultures to co-exist in sustainable community, and inspire one another through art, spirituality, yoga, music, dance, performance, education, sustainability and our fundamental connection with nature.

‘Inspiring is an understatement. Not to mention nostalgic. I felt like I was back on the beach, dancing in the surf and feeling all the love of that jungle paradise. This recap definitely captured the true essence of the weekend, namely community. I appreciated how it mostly focused on workshops, learning, family, and collective growth; followed by what creates the spark in our heart. The music! The heartbeat and pulse that makes Envision unforgettable.’

Social Change Institute (SCI) Official Video 2015

We proudly present Social Change Institute at Hollyhock’s beautiful Cortes island campus. This is what happens when you bring a group of social change leaders together on a special island. Find out why passionate professionals from nonprofits and public agencies and social impact leaders come back year after year.

Sitka: Crowd Fund

Why crowdfunding? Sitka is looking to offer their way of doing business – building purposeful outdoor products that last and supporting conservation efforts – to a wider audience. The larger we’re able to expand our community of Sitka supporters, the greater the impact we’ll have in the realm of conservation.

Together, we can build a future where conservation is in balance with consumerism.


Dance It Forward for Karma Teachers

What’s the ‘Dance it Forward’ Challenge?

Create a short dance video, upload it to social media, and then challenge two of your friends to do the same. Every dancer is asked to make a donation tohttp://karmateachers.com/dance-it-forward/ and each video helps spread the word about the challenge and encourages others to do the same.

No previous dance experience or dance talent is required. Dressing up and group dancing is strongly encouraged. We’ll be sharing all you videos and extra credits will go to dancers who bring originality, humour, authenticity or style!

Dance it Forward Challenge – instructions

What you will need: –
1. Some music
2. A way to video yourself (this doesn’t have to be fancy, your phone will do the trick)
3. A costume or disguise (optional but highly encouraged)

What to do: –
1. Video yourself dancing to your selected music. Videos can be as short or long as you like.
2. At the beginning or end of the video share you are dancing-it-forward in support of the Karma Yoga Teachers.
3. At the end of the video nominate at least two of your friends to take the challenge.
4. Upload your video to your Facebook page, Twitter or other social media.
5. Add the hashtag #danceitforward and a link to our donation page
FB PAge: https://www.facebook.com/danceitforward

Video Released: CityStudio is the classroom of the future

Find out how “CityStudio is the classroom of the future.”

We’re extremely thrilled to release this video we did for CityStudio. CityStudio is an innovation hub inside City Hall where staff, university students and community members design and execute projects on the ground. What I love about the CityStudio challenge is that it gets students to become engaged citizens. They’re building projects on the ground and they’re actively making the city a better place. Help spread the word so more people, especially students can be part of this award-winning program.


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