Sitka: Crowd Fund

Why crowdfunding? Sitka is looking to offer their way of doing business – building purposeful outdoor products that last and supporting conservation efforts – to a wider audience. The larger we’re able to expand our community of Sitka supporters, the greater the impact we’ll have in the realm of conservation.

Together, we can build a future where conservation is in balance with consumerism.

Dance It Forward for Karma Teachers

What’s the ‘Dance it Forward’ Challenge?

Create a short dance video, upload it to social media, and then challenge two of your friends to do the same. Every dancer is asked to make a donation to and each video helps spread the word about the challenge and encourages others to do the same.

No previous dance experience or dance talent is required. Dressing up and group dancing is strongly encouraged. We’ll be sharing all you videos and extra credits will go to dancers who bring originality, humour, authenticity or style!

Dance it Forward Challenge – instructions

What you will need: –
1. Some music
2. A way to video yourself (this doesn’t have to be fancy, your phone will do the trick)
3. A costume or disguise (optional but highly encouraged)

What to do: –
1. Video yourself dancing to your selected music. Videos can be as short or long as you like.
2. At the beginning or end of the video share you are dancing-it-forward in support of the Karma Yoga Teachers.
3. At the end of the video nominate at least two of your friends to take the challenge.
4. Upload your video to your Facebook page, Twitter or other social media.
5. Add the hashtag #danceitforward and a link to our donation page
FB PAge:

Video Released: CityStudio is the classroom of the future

Find out how “CityStudio is the classroom of the future.”

We’re extremely thrilled to release this video we did for CityStudio. CityStudio is an innovation hub inside City Hall where staff, university students and community members design and execute projects on the ground. What I love about the CityStudio challenge is that it gets students to become engaged citizens. They’re building projects on the ground and they’re actively making the city a better place. Help spread the word so more people, especially students can be part of this award-winning program.


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