Ecstatic Yoga Rave

RECLAIM THE DANCE FOOR with Ecstatic Yoga Rave weekly at The Odyssey Bar and Night Club! It will be the best sober dance party of your life.

Dance like you have never danced before. Sing out all of your heart’s desire. Scream out loud, like it’s the best day of your life. Liberate yourself through exhilarating yoga movements, rediscover the power of OM and breath, heal through elements of dance therapy, and come into stillness to experience the rising joy within you. Unite with your Higher self and others through heart opening practices. Celebrate, jump, shake, and strike a pose to the greatest and latest music of our time, remixed, reworked and reconstructed to elevate your experience.

Filmed by Sami Sepher and edited by Pure Souls Media, we tell you a glimpse of what it’s about but you will have to physically experience it in order to understand how fun, beautiful and healing this truly is.

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